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Create Terraform Cloud orgnization and workspace

In the previous post, I showed you what is terraform cloud and how to sign a terraform cloud account.

in this post, I will show you how to create a terraform cloud organization and workspace.

Create an Organization

Let me first explain what is terraform cloud organization. Organizations are a shared space for teams to collaborate on workspaces in Terraform Cloud.
Terraform Cloud will prompt you to create a new organization after you sign in for the first time. You need to have at least one organization to start using terraform cloud.

You can give whatever name you like just make sure to follow the naming convention . In our case, the organization name is andrew-programming-tc-study and the email address should be your email address accordingly.

For more information about organization creation, refer to the Terraform Documentation: Creating Organizations.

After creating organization, we will be navigated to create workspace page.

Create a Workspace

Workspaces are how Terraform Cloud organizes infrastructure.

Workspace Contents

Traditionally if we use terraform , we need a local directory to hold our code as well as other content. By using terraform cloud we don’t need local directory anymore but we still need a place to hold these things, terraform cloud workspace is the solution.

Terraform Cloud workspaces and local working directories serve the same purpose, but they store their data differently:

ComponentLocal TerraformTerraform Cloud
Terraform configurationOn diskIn linked version control repository, or periodically uploaded via API/CLI
Variable valuesAs .tfvars files, as CLI arguments, or in shell environmentIn workspace
StateOn disk or in remote backendIn workspace
Credentials and secretsIn shell environment or entered at promptsIn workspace, stored as sensitive variables

Continue Create Workspace

So let’s continue if we create the organization , the next step is to create a workspace, we can connect to a version control provider or not.

Here I choose to connect to since my code is located here. Of course, you can choose other VCS based on your actual situation.

Follow the Set up provider instructions to set up the OAuth authentication between and your terraform cloud workspace.

Fulfill these fields based on the highlighted code:

Click “Register application” button and you will see a page like below:

Copy Client ID and Client Secret value and paste to below fields accordingly.

Finally, click Connect and continue button and you will be navigated to this page and click Authorize AndrewProgramming and continue.

Leave this behind, we don’t need enter SSH keypair unless you do need to do so. Click the skip and finish button on the bottom left.

Next, we can explore the project in and choose a repository for the workspace.

Click Create workspace button then you will have a newly created workspace called tfc-guide-example.

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